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Rockbridge County Public Schools use a variety of educational technologies to enhance student learning. These technologies include resources which have direct access to the Internet including the World Wide Web. Use of the Internet, which is a world-wide communication network of computers linked to each other, can provide unique educational resources and the opportunity for collaborative work.

Access to the Internet for students, administrators, faculty, and staff of the Rockbridge County Schools is a privilege provided in computer labs, libraries, classrooms, and administrative offices in our county schools. We are convinced that use of Internet resources has changed the way members of the Rockbridge County Schools community access information and has increased the variety of available research material. We can now easily access resources and people across the world to retrieve and share information, providing vast, diverse, and unique opportunities for our schools.

The ability to communicate electronically with others and to gain access to primary source data is an invaluable benefit. However, on a global network it is impossible to control all materials. Ultimately, the school staff, parents and guardians of minors are responsible for setting and conveying the standards that students should follow when using media and information sources. Staff members will make every effort to ensure student use of the Internet is appropriate and educational.

Students are responsible for good behavior on school computer networks, just as they are in a classroom or school hallway. In order that all students using the Internet and their parents are aware of the acceptable use policies of Rockbridge County Schools, each student who is given the privilege to access Internet resources must have on file in their school office, a completed Student Internet Use Agreement and Parent Permission Form. Rockbridge County Schools supports and respects the right of each family to decide whether or not to allow their child to apply for access to the Internet.  

Network Etiquette

Be polite and courteous in all network activities; rudeness is unacceptable. Use appropriate language; do not use profanity, vulgarities or other abusive or inappropriate language. Transmission of obscene materials is prohibited. Users who inadvertently access information that is objectionable should report any such activity to the appropriate persons (teachers, administrators, or Division Technology Personnel) as quickly as possible. Do not reveal the personal address or phone number of yourself or other individuals. Do not communicate any credit card number, bank account number, or any other financial information. Do not share passwords. Do not use another person's password. Impersonation, anonymity, or pseudonyms are prohibited. Vandalism and/or harassment through the use of the network including malicious attempts to harm or destroy data of another user, or the persistent annoyance of another through unwanted mail or messages is prohibited.

Access Restrictions

Rockbridge County Schools use Barracuda web filters  to provide Internet and email control, monitoring, and filtering. This is a critical component of the Internet Protection package since it allows valuable on-line Internet access while restricting access to specific unwanted categories including pornography, gambling, illegal drugs, on-line merchandising, hate speech, criminal skills, alternative journals, and games. The program is updated on a regular basis to keep the restriction list as current as possible.


Security on any computer system is a high priority, especially when the system involves many users. Vandalism of the computer system will result in cancellation of user privileges and disciplinary action. Vandalism is defined as any malicious attempt to harm or destroy equipment and/or data or anyone connected to the Internet, including, but not limited to: uploading, creating, or transmitting computer viruses, tampering with computer programs, and changing files other than your own.


Rockbridge County Schools will not be responsible for any damages suffered, including loss of data resulting from delays, non-deliveries, service interruptions, or inaccurate information. The user accepts personal responsibility for any information obtained via use of the Internet.

Rights and Responsibilities

Access is a privilege, not a right; all members of the Rockbridge County Schools community are responsible for their use of the Internet. The use of the Internet must be for the purpose of education and research, and must be consistent with the educational goals of Rockbridge County Schools. All members of the Rockbridge County Schools community must comply with all local, state, and federal laws regarding the transmission of copyrighted, threatening, or obscene materials. In addition, Internet access may not be used for commercial activities, product promotion, political lobbying, or illegal activities. Access to Internet is allowed under the authority and supervision of instructional faculty and staff members, and Division Technology Personnel. Individual student electronic mail accounts are not authorized. Communication networks should not be considered private. Network supervision and maintenance may require review and inspection of directories or messages. Electronic mail (E-Mail) accounts are not guaranteed to be private; system operators have access to all mail. Messages relating to or in support of illegal activities will be reported to the authorities, and disciplinary action will follow. Any material posted for public access on the Internet is subject to prior approval by school administrators, Division Technology Personnel, and Central Office administrators. This includes information listed in Internet web or school home pages. All student users of the network must have written parental permission to access Internet or remote resources outside of the school building.

Any user violating these provisions, state or federal laws, classroom or school district rules, is subject to loss of Internet privileges and other student disciplinary actions, including criminal prosecution, as provided by Rockbridge County School Board policies.


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Declaration of Non-Discrimination: Rockbridge County Schools offer all programs and activities free from discrimination on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, age, disability or gender. Grievance procedures for any forms of discrimination are published in the Rockbridge County Policy Manual located in the public library, in each school and the school board office. Specific complaints under Title IX should be sent to the Assistant Superintendent; Section 504 complaints regarding discrimination should be sent to the Director of Special Education; all other discrimination complaints should be sent to the Superintendent. These persons may be reached at the Rockbridge County Schools Administrative Offices, 1972 Big Spring Drive, Lexington, VA 24450, or by calling (540) 463-7386.